Does Your Annual Breakdown Policy Cover Misfuelling?

October 20th, 2010

Do you know if your annual breakdown cover policy will pay out if you breakdown after filling up with the wrong fuel? Or will you breakdown providers stump up the money if you breakdown because you forgot to fill up?

Well, it might well be worth taking a look at the small print of your annual breakdown or joint breakdown cover when you get a moment because, according to the AA, over 100,000 motorists put the wrong fuel in their car every year and a significant proportion of them will not receive a penny if a breakdown results.

Almost a quarter of policies researched by the financial research firm Defaqto were found to include misfuelling as part of their exclusion policy. Furthermore, around 1 in 7 annual breakdown cover policies were found not to pay out if you breakdown after running out of fuel.

Defaqto examined close to 300 annual breakdown cover policies and found that many motorists would have to pay additional charges for car rescue after a breakdown due to misfuelling or running out of juice.

Mike Powell of Defaqto said: “Drivers putting the wrong fuel into a vehicle not only face a huge repair bill but may also find that their breakdown policy doesn’t provide cover for their vehicle to be towed to a garage. Even those motor breakdown policies that do cover such an eventuality will tend to find that the extent of the coverage is limited to towing the car to a garage or to their destination.”

So make sure you look into all of the subtle nuances of annual breakdown cover so that you are not caught out with a bill for something you didn’t expect. Find out which breakdown providers offer the best deals now using our Compare Breakdown Cover search facility.