Breakdown Cover Cheaper For New Applicants

July 31st, 2011

Times Money recently ran a piece suggesting that car breakdown cover can be much cheaper for new applicants than it is for people who renew with the same breakdown provider.

Lots of folk simply renew their annual breakdown cover every year with the same provider without realising that it might actually be cheaper to move to a new breakdown cover provider.

The difference in price can be quite substantial according to Times Money; sometimes policies for existing customers can be over half as much more than for new breakdown cover applicants.

It does, however, look like contacting your existing breakdown cover provider might see a reduction in your annual premium. Commenting on the Times article, personal finance website Moneyhighstreet said: “Customers should be more ready to contact their providers. As demonstrated by the Times, some customers who have called and challenged their providers over their renewal premiums have managed to get them reduced.”

An AA spokesperson explained the logic behind their own breakdown cover system for new and exisiting customers: “We do offer first-year introductory discounts to encourage people to join the AA, but new members do not have access to loyalty services such as two additional call-outs per year, free access to our legal helpline, free 24-hour European cover plus additional discounts on a range of products and services.”

Another way to save money can be to buy your breakdown cover online. Savings of over 40 per cent are often offered by providers like the AA and RAC as an incentive to sign up.

This really does highlight the fact that it is always worth shopping around for annual breakdown cover if you want to save yourself a few quid every year. And that’s why we provide breakdown cover comparison charts so that you can see which are the cheapest options at any particular time. Save yourself some money the next time you are due to renew by comparing prices on our Breakdown Cover page.

Asda Breakdown Cover comes onboard

June 23rd, 2011

Asda have just launched breakdown cover under their Asda Financial brand.

With a complete range of roadside, recovery, home start and European packages,  they are well worth considering if you are looking to renew or take out a new car rescue policy.

Asda Breakdown Cover is provided by Britannia Rescue. As part of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies, they have almost 450 agents nationwide providing over 3,000 roadside technicians on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Benefits Include:

UK breakdown cover is only £7.50 per month or £70 a year. This could get you on the road again in most situations.

- From only £25 for roadside cover, Asda is cheaper than the AA and RAC* for the same level of cover. If you compare breakdown cover, you’ll see it’s a great deal.

- Britannia Rescue has a large national network of people to help when you break down. With an average response time of under 42 minutes#, an agent will be there to give roadside assistance and get you on your way again quickly.

- Your child’s car seat will be used in the vehicle that takes you to the destination of your choice, should your car not be fixed at the roadside. You’re also treated as a priority if you break down on the motorway or are in a vulnerable situation on your own or with young children.

- If you don’t know where you are, we could find you using your mobile signal if you’d like us to. Obviously that’s dependant on the strength of your signal and network availability but it’s still good to know.

- Because it’s your car that’s covered, we still try to help when someone else is driving it. And if you’d like to extend car recovery to any vehicle you and your partner travel in, choose Personal Cover.

- If you have more than one car, you can add a second vehicle to your breakdown cover from £25.

Asda Breakdown Cover Packages

Quoteline Direct Breakdown Cover Packages

May 5th, 2011

The team at Breakdown Cover Finder are pleased to announce that Quoteline Direct are now featuring on the website. Offering a comprehensive breakdown package at only £59, it’s worth considering when comparing packages from the more well known car rescue providers.

The cover itself is provided by Mondial Assistance, one of the largest motoring assistance providers in the world.

“Fast on-site repairs, professional recovery services and seamless replacement car provision are designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We know that no matter how big or small the mishap may be, no one ever wants to be stuck on the side of the road, stranded at home or anywhere else. Help is always on hand throughout the UK and Europe. Some of the benefits that are included are:

- 24/7 response across the UK, ROI and Europe.

- They will try to repair ANY fault at your home address or roadside.

- Nationwide recovery to a destination of your choice.

- Overnight Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

- If you run out of fuel or lock your keys in the car, they will help you on your way with no call out charge.”

Visit Quoteline Direct