Latest offers from Green Flag breakdown cover

November 17th, 2011

In the run up to Christmas, Green Flag have launched their latest offer:
Get 1/3 off Recovery Plus cover online’ (introductory offer ends 31/01/2012)

The offer ‘Rapid Breakdown Cover from £20’ is still running, however the ‘At least 30% online discount on UK levels of breakdown cover’ has now ended.

Please also note the latest cover starting prices:

> Rescue From £20
> Rescue Plus From £45
> Recovery From £40
> Recovery Plus From £60 Online offer
> Euro Plus from £116

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Breakdown Cover Cheaper For New Applicants

July 31st, 2011

Times Money recently ran a piece suggesting that car breakdown cover can be much cheaper for new applicants than it is for people who renew with the same breakdown provider.

Lots of folk simply renew their annual breakdown cover every year with the same provider without realising that it might actually be cheaper to move to a new breakdown cover provider.

The difference in price can be quite substantial according to Times Money; sometimes policies for existing customers can be over half as much more than for new breakdown cover applicants.

It does, however, look like contacting your existing breakdown cover provider might see a reduction in your annual premium. Commenting on the Times article, personal finance website Moneyhighstreet said: “Customers should be more ready to contact their providers. As demonstrated by the Times, some customers who have called and challenged their providers over their renewal premiums have managed to get them reduced.”

An AA spokesperson explained the logic behind their own breakdown cover system for new and exisiting customers: “We do offer first-year introductory discounts to encourage people to join the AA, but new members do not have access to loyalty services such as two additional call-outs per year, free access to our legal helpline, free 24-hour European cover plus additional discounts on a range of products and services.”

Another way to save money can be to buy your breakdown cover online. Savings of over 40 per cent are often offered by providers like the AA and RAC as an incentive to sign up.

This really does highlight the fact that it is always worth shopping around for annual breakdown cover if you want to save yourself a few quid every year. And that’s why we provide breakdown cover comparison charts so that you can see which are the cheapest options at any particular time. Save yourself some money the next time you are due to renew by comparing prices on our Breakdown Cover page.

Switch To Halifax And Get Free Breakdown Cover

April 30th, 2011

There are always deals knocking about which can entitle you to cheap, or sometimes even free, car breakdown cover.

One area that is always worth looking into is current account deals with UK banks. Sometimes the banks will offer you some sweeteners, such as free car breakdown cover, if you are willing to switch to their current account from a rival provider.

Once upon a time it was a real pain to try to switch your current account to a new bank. The original bank would often drag their feet on passing over information like direct debits and regular payments such as standing orders.

The paperwork and time lag involved often made it not worth the effort to switch to a new current account provider even if they offered you a real incentive such as free car rescue cover.

Thankfully, over the last three years or so since the European Banking Committee got tougher on the banks – and it can now be completely hassle-free to transfer your current account to a new bank.

That now means that deals with free annual breakdown cover are really attractive. Often, you will also get some other bonuses such as free travel insurance in addition to the breakdown cover.

One of these current account transfer deals that we’ve seen recently is the Halifax Reward Current Account. Switch to that account from another bank and pay in £1,000 a month or more and you’ll get car breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile phone cover thrown in.

Do make sure that you read the small print details of the Halifax Reward Current Account before you commit to switching over though.

If you are happy with your existing bank but would still like great deals on annual breakdown cover then don’t despair – we can help you find the best breakdown offers around. Check out our selection of Annual Breakdown Cover deals now with our Breakdown Cover Finder.

Green Flag Breakdown Cover With Santander Current Account

November 22nd, 2010

We’ve spotted a great deal if you are on the hunt for annual breakdown cover at the moment. Santander are currently trying to entice people to switch over to their current accounts from other banks and are offering a few benefits – such as breakdown cover – to sweeten the deal.

Until the 12 December you can switch to a Santander current account and could receive up to £100 in the process. There are a few current accounts to choose from, and not all of them entitle you to free UK breakdown cover, so pick out the one that’s good for you and there’s money to be saved.

Two of the Santander current accounts have no fees attached to them. First there’s the Santander ZERO and Preferred In Credit Rate current accounts. To qualify for the £100 cashback on these two accounts you have to switch your existing main current account to Santander and pay in £1000 a month. Both of these accounts offer 5% APR – but, unfortunately not the free breakdown cover.

So, if it’s the breakdown cover that’s the dealbreaker for you then you should look at the Santander Reward or Premium current accounts. Again, both of these accounts offer the £100 cashback providing you switch from another current account and pay in £1000 a month. The difference with these two accounts though is that they come with Green Flag breakdown cover and a bunch of other benefits. The Reward account costs £10 a month and the Premium costs £20 a month and other benefits include travel insurance and card loss assistance.

Head of Santander Current Accounts, Gillian Almond, said: “At Santander we offer a range of current accounts with some of the best rates on the market - and we’re rewarding every customer who switches their main current account to us with £100 cash. We want to encourage consumers not to settle for less and to shop around for the best current account deal. By joining Santander they’ll get £100 cash, a great in-credit interest rate as well as access to our preferential savings and mortgage products for our loyal customers.”

If these Santander current accounts don’t float your boat but you still need to find cheap car rescue cover then you will find great deals from Green Flag and other breakdown providers on our UK Breakdown Cover page.

Free Annual Breakdown Cover From The AA And The Sunday Mirror

June 29th, 2010

Who says that you never get anything for free? Well, sometimes - just sometimes – you do. And we are here to tell you about it when it happens.

We have spotted an absolutely amazing deal on annual breakdown cover in The Sunday Mirror that we thought you might like to know about.

If you want to learn how to drive and are looking for annual breakdown cover then this is simply the deal for you. In conjunction with The Sunday Mirror, the AA is offering two driving lessons for the price of one for your first two lessons. But, if you take them up on that offer, they will also give you breakdown cover for a full year ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

That means the cost of your first two driving lessons will be just £10.50 – but your annual breakdown cover comes at no cost whatsoever.

In addition to that, there’s even better news if you are under 30 years old because then you can also get Start-Up Membership with the AA free for a year too! And even in your second year the AA will continue your membership for half price.

This offer is only available until 31st July 2010 and is for new AA Driving School customers only. The original offer of free annual breakdown cover in The Sunday Mirror along with details of how to apply can be found here.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on this deal on annual breakdown cover or you would prefer to use different breakdown providers then you will be glad to know that we can still help you out. We have no closing dates and are always here to help you compare the best deals on annual breakdown cover.