Annual Breakdown Cover Could Become Compulsory

January 24th, 2011

Proposals have been put forward by the coalition government which could see Annual Breakdown Cover become compulsory in the UK.

As you well know, it is already compulsory for all motorists to have car insurance on a vehicle and, if the new proposals are accepted, then the same sort of rules will apply to breakdown cover also.

At the present moment there is no legal requirement to take out annual breakdown cover or joint breakdown cover on a motor vehicle so the British Insurance Brokers Association have come out in favour of the proposals.

The British Insurance Brokers Association says that compulsory breakdown cover on cars will level the playing field for all motorists and create a fairer system.

The same legislation will also hope to tighten up on the existing laws on car insurance too. At present, drivers can only be penalised for being without insurance if they are caught behind the wheel. Ministers hope to extend the laws so that car insurance will be compulsory even if the car is never taken out of the drive.

Ministers say that the new legislation on car insurance and breakdown cover will lead to lower premiums for motorists who stay within the law.

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