Switch To Halifax And Get Free Breakdown Cover

April 30th, 2011

There are always deals knocking about which can entitle you to cheap, or sometimes even free, car breakdown cover.

One area that is always worth looking into is current account deals with UK banks. Sometimes the banks will offer you some sweeteners, such as free car breakdown cover, if you are willing to switch to their current account from a rival provider.

Once upon a time it was a real pain to try to switch your current account to a new bank. The original bank would often drag their feet on passing over information like direct debits and regular payments such as standing orders.

The paperwork and time lag involved often made it not worth the effort to switch to a new current account provider even if they offered you a real incentive such as free car rescue cover.

Thankfully, over the last three years or so since the European Banking Committee got tougher on the banks – and it can now be completely hassle-free to transfer your current account to a new bank.

That now means that deals with free annual breakdown cover are really attractive. Often, you will also get some other bonuses such as free travel insurance in addition to the breakdown cover.

One of these current account transfer deals that we’ve seen recently is the Halifax Reward Current Account. Switch to that account from another bank and pay in £1,000 a month or more and you’ll get car breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile phone cover thrown in.

Do make sure that you read the small print details of the Halifax Reward Current Account before you commit to switching over though.

If you are happy with your existing bank but would still like great deals on annual breakdown cover then don’t despair – we can help you find the best breakdown offers around. Check out our selection of Annual Breakdown Cover deals now with our Breakdown Cover Finder.