Green Flag Breakdown Cover With Santander Current Account

November 22nd, 2010

We’ve spotted a great deal if you are on the hunt for annual breakdown cover at the moment. Santander are currently trying to entice people to switch over to their current accounts from other banks and are offering a few benefits – such as breakdown cover – to sweeten the deal.

Until the 12 December you can switch to a Santander current account and could receive up to £100 in the process. There are a few current accounts to choose from, and not all of them entitle you to free UK breakdown cover, so pick out the one that’s good for you and there’s money to be saved.

Two of the Santander current accounts have no fees attached to them. First there’s the Santander ZERO and Preferred In Credit Rate current accounts. To qualify for the £100 cashback on these two accounts you have to switch your existing main current account to Santander and pay in £1000 a month. Both of these accounts offer 5% APR – but, unfortunately not the free breakdown cover.

So, if it’s the breakdown cover that’s the dealbreaker for you then you should look at the Santander Reward or Premium current accounts. Again, both of these accounts offer the £100 cashback providing you switch from another current account and pay in £1000 a month. The difference with these two accounts though is that they come with Green Flag breakdown cover and a bunch of other benefits. The Reward account costs £10 a month and the Premium costs £20 a month and other benefits include travel insurance and card loss assistance.

Head of Santander Current Accounts, Gillian Almond, said: “At Santander we offer a range of current accounts with some of the best rates on the market - and we’re rewarding every customer who switches their main current account to us with £100 cash. We want to encourage consumers not to settle for less and to shop around for the best current account deal. By joining Santander they’ll get £100 cash, a great in-credit interest rate as well as access to our preferential savings and mortgage products for our loyal customers.”

If these Santander current accounts don’t float your boat but you still need to find cheap car rescue cover then you will find great deals from Green Flag and other breakdown providers on our UK Breakdown Cover page.