Over £100 Million Wasted By Not Having Breakdown Cover

September 4th, 2010

The AA has revealed that over £100 million was wasted last year by people who did not have adequate annual breakdown cover when they needed it the most.

During the economic downturn it would seem that one area where people have tightened their belts is on the cost of motoring. One way to do that is to risk a breakdown without taking out car rescue cover. But, is it wise to do so?

The AA figures show that it is very important not to scrimp and save on your annual breakdown cover because the actual costs involved should you need to call someone out and pay for it yourself could be far, far higher and come at a time when you just don’t have the cash to pay.

Over 2 million people suffered the agony of breakdowns without cover last year and had to shell out an average of £100 to call out a garage to assist them. In many cases the individual costs where much higher than that if the vehicle could not be fixed on the spot and had to be recovered. And, since some annual breakdown cover starts out at less than £20 a month, it would seem to be a completely false economy to try save money and put your car at risk by not having some form of breakdown cover.

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Take out some annual breakdown cover today and put your mind at rest!