Company Car Owners Should Check European Breakdown Cover

August 17th, 2010

Company car fleet firm Masterlease has warned drivers who use a company car to check out their European breakdown cover provision if they plan to drive abroad.

Masterlease pointed out that there is often no clear guidance from companies on who takes responsibility for overseas insurance and breakdown cover when driving outside of the United Kingdom.

Although it is typical for company cars to come with breakdown cover for the employee, it is very often the case that the cover only applies when the car is driven inside the UK. Over the last decade the number of Brits taking their car across to Europe has doubled from under two million to around three and a half million drivers.

Masterlease say that people should ask their employers, fleet managers, insurance companies and breakdown providers who would foot the bill for any unfortunate incidents overseas. In many cases employees are not even entitled to take their company car outside of the UK under the terms and conditions of fleet managers and insurers.

Head of operations at Masterlease, Anthony Dowdall, said that often the employee who has the company car assumes that they will be covered but that the company feels it is the employee’s responsibility to take out the right cover for accidents that happen outside of the UK.

Dowdall said that it was perhaps the fleet managers who needed to stress the importance of European breakdown cover: “Roadside assistance on the continent can cost over €100 and bringing home a stranded vehicle can cost much more.  As well as ensuring drivers have adequate insurance and breakdown cover, businesses should have a policy in place for driving overseas and make sure drivers have information about what to do if they break down or have an accident abroad.”

Make sure you have adequate European breakdown cover whether you are lucky enough to drive a company car or not. You’ll find the best deals compared on our European Breakdown Cover page.

AutoSure Assist Launch Cheap European Breakdown Cover

August 16th, 2010

AutoSure Assist, a European breakdown cover provider and insurance company which is part of the AutoLaw group, has recently launched cheap rescue cover for motorists in Europe.

Starting out at just £58 a year, the AutoSure Assist European annual breakdown cover will pay out for roadside repair, accident management and home start 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AutoSure pledge to be with you in around 40 minutes and will even pick up the bill for any necessary accommodation costs.

The annual breakdown cover doesn’t just apply to motorists on the continent though – this cover is also applicable in Great Britain so you can feel safe at home as well as abroad. You know that we always have an eye out for the latest breakdown cover options and this is one of the best value ones we have seen recently. Indeed, it is half price or less than some other annual premiums for European breakdown cover that we have seen.

As long as your vehicle is no more than 15 years old you will be eligible for this European breakdown cover from AutoSure Assist.

If you are heading off to Europe and want to have peace of mind without breaking the bank then compare cheap European breakdown cover now with Breakdown Cover Finder. If, however, you are not the type to go careering off to other countries in your car, check out our options for UK Breakdown Cover.