Sort Out Your Breakdown Cover Before Heading Off To Festivals

July 28th, 2010

M & S Car Insurance has been warning that people should sort out their annual breakdown cover before heading off to festivals this summer. The warning comes after a survey by the insurance company shows the intentions of your typical festival-goer.

Over half of all adults in the UK are expecting to go to one of over 350 festivals that will be hosted over the coming months and they are being warned to make sure they have adequate breakdown cover before setting off.

Four in five people who expect to attend the music festivals, literary events and foodie get-togethers this summer intend to use their wheels to get there. Over half will use their own car and one in five will bum a lift from someone else.

Andrew Ferguson, Head of General Insurance at M&S said: “British festival-goers need to make sure this is a summer to remember for the right reasons. Heavy festival traffic can lead to a higher level of accidents and breakdowns.”

That heavy traffic is indeed a perennial feature of festival attendance and is also one of the main contributors to cars overheating in the hotter summer months.

According to the AA, up to half of all breakdowns could be avoided simply by carrying out basic checks and regular servicing. However, even if you have taken all precautions, it still gives you peace of mind to know that should the worst happen, you have sufficient breakdown cover to call on.

With many festivals now taking place outside of the UK it can also pay to take out European breakdown cover so that you are covered wherever you travel - from Berlin to Burgas. If you are more the stay-at-home festival type though then use our finder to compare UK Breakdown Cover now.